Interview w/ Hans Cousto about the Sound of the Cosmos

Hans Cousto is a mathematician, musicologist, researcher, book author of ‚Cosmic Octave’, electronic music lover and much more. After talking about the book of Hans Cousto with podcast interview guests like ‘Recondite‘ and ‘Petros Haffenrichter‘, it was a great opportunity to talk with the author himself.

“Sound is like a massage, an energy coming to the body”

Disclaimer: tunes&wings does not support the use of drugs

This article is available as podcast on  SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • How the theory of the cosmic octave came into his mind
  • Sound frequencies in our nature and universe
  • What soundwaves are doing with our body when dancing in the club or on a festival
  • What he likes about the techno and rave culture
  • Chakra frequencies
  • His current research projects
  • His work with DroGenKult
  • Which culture he liked most while living in different countries around the world
  • His hippie life

Here you can listen to the cosmic music and various sound frequencies of our nature and the planets in our universe.

3 thoughts on “Interview w/ Hans Cousto about the Sound of the Cosmos

  1. Great stuff, thanks

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Hans Cousto is really a pioneer.

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