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Transparency: This article was created in cooperation with the artist.

Petros Haffenrichter aka Pax Minoica is a versatile artist: Musician, yoga teacher, spritual sound lover and much more. His new EP ‘War Is Over’ embodies all these facets. From real instruments to digital sounds – five tracks with a message and an interview with the Munich based musician:

Tell us about the production phase of ‘War Is Over’. How did you produce the EP?

I like to play around with any kind of sound, but as I am in love with the sounds that seem hidden: the overtones, reflections, echoes… I have quite an attachment to real instruments. So most sounds come from real instruments in the first place, may be a hammered dulcimer, piano, kalimba, hang, lute, flute or any real percussion instrument. Further into the production there appeares a whole universe of possible “manipulation” of sound on a digital basis. As a yoga practitioner I try to connect seemingly diverse influences, so eventually everything becomes a dance of analogue/digital patterning. Open results as the composing happens on a mere intuitive, improvisational basis. I work with AbLive, original analogue synths (Moog, Kork, Roland) and of course original instruments.

Which story are your tracks telling?

The tracks have a different background and vibes, as “Pantalov” is mainly a uncomplicated, spontaneously captured mood of my friends Peter Cudek (Bass) and Patrizia Porz (Violin) with original recordings of Tokio rainfall. There is a tautly different mood in “War is over” which happened as co-production with Jan Krause (Beanfield) and was more or less a basic statement of how I felt about our collective inability to gather consciousness into the direction of all the root causes of our global problems: Our lack of self-reflection, understanding of motives and the tendency not to engage with everything we can to participate in intelligent approaches to life, with dignity and courage. In other words, war is over – stop fighting your own nature, which is the basis of all life (and music). Poly is just my favorite track because it revealed itself through a live-gig recording, that happened beneath the Acropolis in Athens and it will always feel like a summer-sunrise over the Goddess-Temple. “Emersion” was a tribute to a one month gathering I held in Greece last year and to me it captures the vibes we shared that month. Last but not least “Kellergewölbe” is a tribute to my innate addiction to low frequencies.

Tell us something about your project “Pax Minoica”.

Pax Minoica describes the possibility of social stability, integrity and peace that arises in a society void of patriarchal power structures, a society without guns and walls. Another aspect: Since my mother was born in Crete, home of the Minoan culture, and one of my nicknames was “pax”, the name just made sense to me. My usual music business is more on the hand-made, acoustic side with “Petros & Friends” and other projects but, I felt it’s time to go back into the space I always felt is important: Where sound draws and propels inspiration and color from and for all natural and cultural modes.

Thank you Petros for the interview and your inspiring words!

If you want to find out more about Petros Haffenrichter aka Pax Minoica, tune in our podcast interview here. Among other topics, you’ll find out about:

  • why there is rhythm everywhere in the nature
  • how music works on our body (also while doing yoga)
  • how sound patterns correspond to our neurologic chemistry

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