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Currently a lot is happening in New York’s nightlife scene. Clubs are closing, new ones are opening and, for the first time, there are more events happening in Brooklyn than there are in Manhattan. A change that welCOMEs new opportunities for the local subculture and /ˈprimədiv/ is a boutique agency that is seizing that opportunity by bringing a new format to the area. Their first event will take place on 26 January at a new venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn called 101brooklyn. 

Transparency: This article was created in cooperation with /ˈprimədiv/

“/ˈprimədiv/ is a boutique, for-purpose, experiential design agency focused on producing events that feature sound meditations, live acts, electronic music DJs, and visual artists in nightclubs and other unique spaces.” More than just another event, /ˈprimədiv/ is an Earth- conscious lifestyle collective aimed at preserving all walks of life on Planet Earth. 

In addition to local talent, the opening experience showcases a wide range of artists hailing from Italy, Germany, and Greece. With this first event around the corner, it was a great chance to look a bit deeper into the vision and philosophy of the collective. Vinny Fiore, founder and managing director of /ˈprimədiv/, gave us some insights: 

Tell us about the idea and vision of the event.
welCOME HOME is the name of the event series. It spawned from that feeling of a deep-rooted belonging when entering specific environments and for me there’s two special places where that feeling is the most heartfelt – embracing the present moment in nature and when listening to electronic music in a nightclub. The confluence of those feelings is one of the many inspirations I started with. This was actually a long time in the making but I’m finally at the point where I can demonstrate the full creative and strategic direction of the brand. I carefully curated artists that embody the ethos of this vision and it turned out to be a healthy mix of local and international talent and a balance of male and female artists (energy) – something I’m going to strive for with each event. In addition to the artist lineup, it was also critical that I found a venue that fostered the right environment for the experience I wanted to create. I love the design of 101brooklyn and was very fortunate with the immense support I received from the owners and in-house team to bring this concept to life! All the building blocks are in place to kick off the event series and we’ll be donating to The Amazon Conservation Team as part of the brand’s mission with being an Earth-conscious lifestyle collective. 

Why does the scene in NYC need an event like this?
I think it’s a ripe time for change in New York. A change in the format of the night, the types of artists that are featured, the way everything is curated and presented, and giving it all a deeper meaning that people can identify with. It’s perfect because we’re launching /ˈprimədiv/ while 101brooklyn is also establishing themselves as a new venue so, in a way, we’re providing this change together. We have a great synergy about why we’re doing what we’re doing and how meaningful each of our endeavors are to each other. I couldn’t have asked for a better partnership.

What can people expect at your party?
/ˈprimədiv/ events are designed to create a unique vibe by structuring the night in a way that naturally builds upon itself and this is reflected with how I programmed the lineup and when each of the artists are playing. I’m breaking down barriers between “opening” DJs and those playing during “peak times” as everyone plays an integral part in creating the overall vibe of the night. To that point, I want to create an intimate space where everything and everyone is in complete harmony – similar to how nature works. My hope is that people will start to recognize our events as a safe and judgement-free zone where they can hear quality electronic music, allow themselves to feel free on the dance floor, and explore art in a multidimensional way. A big part of /ˈprimədiv/ is being able to embrace the present moment so I’m encouraging a phone-free space to allow for that presence to manifest.

What is the outlook for your project?
Music, dance, and art are core elements to the human experience so I think the mission statement says it all… “Building community and regenerating Mother Earth by embracing our /ˈprimədiv/ nature in music, dance, and art.” In the process of building a community of like-minded people and donating to organizations dedicated to reducing environmental impact and improving the current state of our global society and local communities I also want to change the perception and sometimes negative connotation that comes with electronic music and the people who love and live this lifestyle. I believe electronic music, just like any other genre, is healing and gives people the permission to let go in so many different ways. I want to celebrate that release and shine a light on the artists that are staying true to their craft and not giving up on pushing this industry forward. That’s really important to me.  

Thank you Vinny for the insights and the interview! Enjoy your first event in Brooklyn!

Tip: Attune with the /ˈprimədiv/ podcast of MUUI:

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