Output Focus: Weekend t[rave]l Tip

The weekend is ahead! tunes&wings supports you every Wednesday with planning your upcoming weekend. Curated happenings like festivals, raves and club events are listed here. In addition to the techno part here you’ll also find great travel tips for your weekend with friends and family.

Sad news reached the techno world yesterday: The famous Output Club has to close it’s doors by the end of the year. Current circumstances in the scene led to this decision – is what you can assume from the owners statement on social media. Another good reason to attend probably Seth Troxlers last gig there: Output Focus | Seth Troxler at Output and DJ Three in The Panther Room.

The t[rave]l guide for techno lovers of New York City is the most famous one every month, so make sure to check out the tips there:

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  1. I will share this with others and will get views after DC trip.

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