Interview w/ Patci about the Booking Agency Business

Patricia Weil has done a lot for the electronic music scene. Better known as ‘Patci’, she’s owner of the Wilde Booking Agency for 15 years, managing the bookings of artists like BellaBerlin & Nelja, Purple Disco Machine, Mousse T., Phil Fuldner, Rafael Da Cruz, Robosonic, Joshua Jesse, Marvin Jam and many more. She is also co-founder of Wildeküche, a plant-based Restaurant in Berlin. At the beginning of the 90ies she was travelling around the world with Sven Väth and therefore part of the techno community since right from the beginning.

This article is also available as podcast on SoundcloudSpotify and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • Her vegan lifestyle
  • How she combines a consicous lifestyle and the rave business
  • Women in the techno business and equality
  • How her job as booker changed in the past 15 years
  • How she fits artists to clubs and festivals
  • The beginnings of electronic music in Germany and the community
  • Her forecast for the techno scene in the next three years


Wildeküche I Wilde Booking Agency

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