Ibiza & WooMooN: Weekend rave & food guide: 25 – 27 May

The weekend is ahead! tunes&wings supports you every Wednesday with planning your upcoming weekend. Curated happenings like festivals, raves and club events are listed here. In addition to the techno part here you’ll also find great restaurant, café and bar tips for your weekend with friends and family.

The WooMooN Opening 2018 on Ibiza with acts like Amirali, BLOND:ISH, Jan Blomqvist and Kollektiv Turmstraße is the top recommendation for this weekend. WooMooN is an outstanding happening and the most favourite one on Ibiza of tunes&wings, as you may have read in one of the countless articles on this website (Interviews with rampue and Valentin Huedo or the Ibiza Travel Guide 2016 or 2017). Not only the spirit, spherical atmosphere and chilled people but also the artistic shows create an iconic feeling. Much love in every single detail make this event series a very special experience.

Read the full line-up here:


tunes&wings will be on Ibiza to check out the WooMooN Opening and raffles two tickets for you and your rave buddy in collaboration with the organisers. Visit the facebook page of tunes&wings for more information. Here you can find the conditions of participation.

See you there!

Also check out the countless great restaurants on this island within the tunes&wings Ibiza Travel Guides 2016 and 2017. Two special recommendations are Passion Cafe for breakfast or Giri Café for a fresh and healthy lunch before the festival.




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