Weekend rave & food guide 10-13 May 2018

The weekend is ahead! tunes&wings supports you every Wednesday with planning your upcoming weekend. Curated happenings like festivals, raves and club events are listed here. In addition to the techno part here you’ll also find great restaurant, café and bar tips for your weekend with friends and family.

This weekends rave recommendations are dedicated to the wonderful city of New York. As you may remember tunes&wings travelled to this versatile city exactly one year ago and published many interviews, festival reviews and a travel guide for techno lovers afterwards:
New York City Travel Guide for Techno Lovers
NYC electronic underground – Interview w/ TBA Brooklyn
Festival Love: ebb+flow boat party NYC
The NYC House and Techno culture now and then – Interview w/ Nervous Records


So for this weekend tunes&wings recommends the following:

May 12 @ Output Brooklyn
Grayscale | Ryan Elliott/ IORI/ Artefakt/ Volvox/ Blankstairs at Output and Francis Harris/ Beautiful Swimmers/ Sagotsky in The Panther Room

May 13 @ The Roof / Output Brooklyn
ReSolute On The Roof | Move D/ SIT/ Lauren Ritter

May 13 ebb + flow @ Black Flamingo
Sunday Reboot with Sleepy & Boo, Faceblind, Burika & Rao

Click here to find out about the best Restaurants, Cafés and bars in NYC.


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