Interview w/ Recondite about Health in the Music Business

Recondite is an outstanding musician and a great personality. Calm, reflected, straight, deep and so are his productions. An artist that is living his roots and his wings. A one hour conversation about life, music, traveling, health and scenes that could have last even longer. At the end of this interview he also gave a preview of the production he’s currently working on.

This article is also available as podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • His inner journey while producing music
  • What’s special about his home Bavaria and Munich
  • His favourite countries
  • The sound at Blitz Club
  • The techno scene in Munich
  • Travelling: a blessing or curse
  • How he feels playing his sets in different cultures
  • The Ibiza and the music scene there
  • How to manage a healthy lifestyle while touring
  • His favourite festivals this summer
  • His favourite podcasts
  • His upcoming techno release


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