techno&travel interview w/ rampue

rampue is a Berlin musician who’s bringing his unique sound to wonderful happenings like Fusion, Burning Man, Woomoon, to India, NY and many other places around the planet. His sets sound like: sun on the skin, organic beats in the air – with the driving and at the same time gentle bass that makes you feel like closing the eyes and dance. Music that doesn’t follow trends but the desire of creating something unique. 

This article is also available as podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • How it feels to travel the world and hearing different sounds
  • His favourite spots on this planet
  • Which countries inspired him most
  • His most favourite festival
  • The island of Ibiza and the magic of Woomoon festival
  • The Woomoon Off Sonar party 2018
  • His favourite places in Berlin
  • The Berlin techno scene
  • Living and working in Berlin
  • The journey of finding his own unique sound
  • How he’s picking tracks for his sets
  • Which DJ’s he would book for a festival
  • What he thinks about the music of his favourite DJ
  • His summer 2018



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