Festival Love: Munich Burnnight

Inspired by the Burning Man in the Desert of Nevada and the Afrika Burn in South Africa, Max Braunmiller and his team are bringing in the Burn-Spirit to Munich. Their event ‘Munich Burnnight‘ will take place on 17 March for the second time in the Bavarian capital. Oliver Koletzki who already played at Afrika Burn and Burning Man will be the main act. All wrapped in the motto underwater love. And you’ve got the chance to win tickets!

This interview is available on Soundcloud and iTunes.

In this interview we are talking about:

  • Why he is fascinated by the Burn-experience.
  • Why the Burn-experience is so unique.
  • His best Burn-experience up to now.
  • The concept of the parties in Munich.
  • How they manage bringing the Burn-spirit to Munich.
  • The first event in October last year.
  • The next event in March with the motto underwater love.
  • The future of the Munich Burnnight

Here’s the link to the facebook event Munich Burnnight pres. underwater love.

You’ve got the chance to win 2×2 tickets! Visit the facebook page of tunes&wings for more information. Here you can find the conditions of participation.


2 thoughts on “Festival Love: Munich Burnnight

  1. Wo kann man die Photos sehen, die der Ogotograf bei under water live gemacht hatte? Wir sind dabei und hätten gerne das Photo vor den Quallen…..😘

    1. Hi Ingrid! Leider war ich selbst nicht vor Ort. Bestimmt weiß der Veranstalter selbst mehr 🙂

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