in media: interview for magazine ‘SinndesLebens’

Role reversal: I got interviewed by SinndesLebens24 and had the chance to talk about my passion for techno, the meaning of life, love and entrepreneurship. This interview was held in German, but here’s a translation of the first paragraph.


‘With her online magazine tunes&wings, Sabine Spethling has turned her dream into a career. Here she combines her passion for music and travel, shows the hot spots of the international techno scene and interviews renowned DJs and exciting protagonists of the community. At the beginning of February, the bank clerk and a graduate marketing and communications manager gave up her job in a real estate company and dared to start her own business. In the interview, Sabine Spethling explains how she turned her dream into a career, how she deals with the risk of failure and what philosophy is behind tunes&wings.’

Find the whole interview here.


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