Interview w/ Julian Ganzer (Studio Kreuzberg)

Julian Ganzer aka Yawk aka Studio Kreuzberg founder aka Life Act inventor aka producer aka label owner. He’s a multi-talent, full-time passionate musician and warm hearted event organiser. Next to all the great music he’s producing and playing, together with his partner Laura, he invented Life Act. A charity open air, which is worthwhile supporting it to the max. A wonderful interview about how love and support in the techno scene can help people in need all over the world.

This article is also available as podcast on Soundcloud and iTunes.


In this interview we are talking about:

  • His musical journey as DJ and producer
  • His work as a producer
  • Studio Kreuzberg and everything he’s doing there, from the label, to the event series and the productions
  • The togetherness of the music scene in Berlin
  • The initial idea of Life Act
  • The future of Life Act
  • How you can support the charity event




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Studio Kreuzberg
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