techno&travel Podcast: Interview w/ Mimi Love

Mimi Love is a fantastic lady who’s bringing her light to the techno & travel scene by living her passion. She’s part of the Bachstelzen and Kater Blau crew and responsible for the conscious project at Garbicz. She’s also traveling around the world, playing her melodic-organic sets at festivals where the community aspect is in the focus. An interview about love, passion and spirituality in the world of techno & travel.

As we are both from Germany, we preferred to do the interview in our mother language. Let me know if you are interested in a translation. In this episode we are talking about:

  • Her journey to Berlin and the Kater & Bachstelzen Crew
  • Spirituality in the techno & travel world
  • The community aspect on dancefloors
  • Festivals with a special spirit
  • Her favourite country and why
  • Her favourite Garbicz moment
  • How traveling changes perspective and expands one’s horizon
  • Her 2017 review and 2018 outlook


Here’s the link to her fantastic Garbicz set in 2017:



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Intro & outro by Arbitraire

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