Interview w/ Rui Vargas about Lisbon

Rui Vargas was accompanying the birth of electronic music in Portugal and is still determining influencing the sound in Lisbon as musical director and resident of Lux Frágil, Portugal’s most internationally renowned venue for electronic music. Lisbon is a flourishing scene that is hosting many new festivals, artists and happenings. Rui Vargas is the perfect interview partner for guiding us through the scene right from the beginning by the end of the 80ies until now.

This podcast is available on iTunes and on SoundCloud.

In this podcast episode you’ll find out about:

  • his musical journey
  • the development of the electronic music scene in Lisbon
  • the scene in Portugal nowadays
  • his booking concept at Lux Frágil
  • why Lux Frágil is so popular
  • his favourite travel tips in Lisbon for you


Intro & Outro by Arbitraire

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