techno&travel Podcast: Interview w/ Oliver Koletzki

There is no need to introduce Oliver Koletzki. He’s a versatile artist, label owner of Stil vor Talent and passionate traveler. His last album “The Arc of Tension” is like a storytelling through all the cultures and countries that inspired him. In this episode we are also talking about the new Schneeweiß 8 compilation which will be released on 17 November.


As we are both German we preferred to do the interview in our mother language. Let me know if you are interested in a translation.

This podcast is available on iTunes and on SoundCloud.

We recorded this interview the morning after his gig at Harry Klein München.
In this podcast episode we are talking about:

  • From which countries he gained the inspiration for his album
  • The artists featured on the new Schneeweiß 8 Compilation
  • His most favourite travel countries
  • How traveling expanded his musical horizon
  • His most favourite festivals worldwide
  • Oliver’s highlight in 2017
  • The outlook for 2018

tunes&wings_Oliver-Koletzki5tunes&wings_Oliver Koletzki3

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