techno&travel Podcast: Interview w/ Valentin Huedo

Valentin Huedo is a real Ibicenco. Born on the magical island in the 80ies, he is one of the artists that is determining influencing the current sound on Ibiza. In this podcast he shared with us his view on the scene, its development, the current parties and where he thinks it is leading to in the next years. He is also talking about his personal hotspots on the island and about his remarkable career as DJ, producer and radio broadcaster.


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I am so happy our paths crossed and we were able to do this interview. To me Valentin embodies the feeling I have about the young, local and authentic music scene on the island. Among many other great things, he is resident at a festival that captured my heart already during my last years’ stay: the Woomoon festival. He enriches it with his balearic sound and helps creating an outstanding atmosphere for likeminded music lovers.


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